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  • you broke up with sanna and you like moody

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  • What the heck just happened

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  • i love this!

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  • Jelly can you be not dumb turn off the flashlight too dumb

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  • hi 'm new

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  • I play hide and seek

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  • Can you do so yo what's up guys

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  • 1:54 Here goes another romantic scene again😆 I love it when they're being that😊😆

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  • Jelly you always give your self away like your doing it for fun on purpose.

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  • Spammer.

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  • Watching Jelly After A Long Time

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  • You're the best at hide-and-seek Among Us

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  • Dead game

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  • The cool conifer emotionally whirl because laborer importantly mend beneath a lethal overcoat. needless, clammy swamp

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  • every time jelly is the imposter he says someone is sus

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  • 8:36

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  • Turn it off crainer !!!!! Hahahahaha that was the best moment ever

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  • i miss the guees who in minecraft they should do it but with pandas

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  • Crainer: HELLO! That Brown Dude: HOW DOES HE NOT SEE ME? Crainer: SUH SUH SUH SUPRISE! Also Crainers Brain: What I am doing. This is just not great...

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  • Did anybody else realise that on the bottom left corner snowball from sta studios was holding a flashlight😆😆

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    • That's not snowball ,That's white colour crewmate

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  • Jelly you need to get revenge on Slogo

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  • How

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  • Not in the game

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  • Flashit!Flashing! Not in the game wow

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  • I have among us and roblox

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  • Ocayicanot

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  • Wot

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    • God

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  • Crainer is lmposter run you see Crainer you run

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    • Speak English

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  • Crainer is lmposter and slogo lmposter to

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    • What

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  • I agree with crainer jelly cheated

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  • jelly how do you get those mods please tell me or his mods pls

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  • I like how jelly ALWAYS blames everyone then when the impostor gets revealed he acts like he figured out the whole thing. 😂 lol

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  • Hi

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  • Spammy next Type of floppy

    AT - 04FM 962806 Sherwood Mills PSAT - 04FM 962806 Sherwood Mills PS21 күн мурун

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  • Love the video

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  • I love you

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  • Am ziya and when you do the chanell that i tell you you tell that there was a girl name ziya ok plz???and am your biggest fan

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  • I love the chanell when you slogo and crainer were playing speedrunners vs hunter can you make more plz???

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  • I love you i love your chanell and slogoman and crainer are cool too

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  • Jelly really did just say I killed someone yay

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  • Mcst1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

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  • Jelly:HIDE AND SEEK With FLASHLIGHTS Me:But they dont have hands........

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  • 00:02 he just spoiled Who the impostor was

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  • Its like a horror game bc other horror games have flashlight

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  • Omg how

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  • I don't have fortnite now but When I'm a grown up and I by fortnite All use code jelly

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  • its not amoong us its among us

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  • More among us videos please :) love them

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  • Wow jelly says norge ran into a dead end how smart is that says the guy that hid in upper engine when he nearly got caught by Josh in reactor and then died

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  • Play Friday night fukinn

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  • Why don't you do death gta runs into more

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  • Huge fan jelly slogo and Crainer

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  • Crainer was soo good He is the best

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  • Can you play as Deadpool next

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  • For the start l know the crainer is the imposter

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  • Jeez jelly was so strong at the end

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  • bee townn u got a gift in Beeny

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