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  • I like ender man armor

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  • Crainer: I want to craft Jelly skin Jell: 👋😞 Sogo’s mind: Bye bye old friends

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  • I love it when crainer said “hey Jelly your my honey” 😭❤️ 🍯

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  • I bet jelly killed beeny's brother

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  • Crainer:and now i am a craeper boom. Jelly :hai

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  • Bruh drainer just break a window

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  • “You guys are So Fast” Best roast ever…

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    • Yea ur being dum not me

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    • Super hom

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  • NO BEES ARE AWESOME (while killing them)………….NICE!

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  • Creeper armour = explosive Diarrhoea

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  • Crainer: i want to where jelly skin

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  • he put bees in the one and only beenny stechow

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  • in bee towne

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  • jally craner did a troll

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  • You copied wisp

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  • How To Get A Mob Armor Jelly?!

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  • Jelly: Bees are awesome! Me: You are killing one.

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    • I'm saying the samething🤣🤣🤣

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  • When exactly did he make spider amour

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  • I think Jelly killed beeny here

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  • The face jelly made

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  • i saw a creeper in the cave that they open the chest

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  • jelly is wering a enderman armor jelly go to the water and jelly is not dieing with a enderman armor wwaaatthhhh

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  • Jelly’s face when crabber said he wanted to wear jelly’s skin

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  • You know if the like button has Armour you won't be able to hit it.

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  • jelly crainer has a secreat base under his old secreta base in survival island his first ladders down break the block and he will have the secreat base and he also stole your diamonds

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